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Just like noses, ears or breasts, female genitals – labia and vagina – exist in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, their congenital form also changes during the lifetime of a woman due to hormones, pregnancy and childbirth and, of course, ageing.

What the “standard” is, is difficult to determine.
What is perfect for one person can be too small or too big for the other and sometimes simply annoying (when cycling, walking or sitting) or embarrassing, especially in the present times of strings and depilation.

According to our philosophy, every woman has the right to determine how her body should look like and we are there to help her – hormonal, dermatological (laser) and surgical.
We would like to help you feeling good in your own body, with improved self-esteem and a normal, healthy, happy sex life.

For example, we can:
. reduce large labia when they bother you during sexual intercourse, sports or even daily activities, or just while wearing clothes
. correct a painful scar resulting from childbirth
. release you from vaginism (painful spasms of the vagina which make it impossible to have normal sexual intercourse) by means of Botox injections
. remove genital warts, cysts or tumours
. treat vaginal prolapse with or without urinary incontinence (loss of urine)
. perform a pubic lift or labia augmentation.

This can all be done in a discreet and pleasant environment in our private clinic, under local or general anaesthesia and performed by a professional and experienced plastic surgeon and female gynaecologist.
These interventions can also be combined with, for instance, breast or facial surgery. In case hospitalization is required you can undergo surgery in the Jan Palfijn General Hospital in Ghent.

More detailed information on indications and techniques will shortly be available on our website, which also offers you the possibility to make an appointment.

Liposuction of the pubic area with or without pubic lift

Like elsewhere in the body (buttocks, abdomen,…), unwanted fat can also accumulate on the “Mount of Venus” (pubis – area just above the pubic bone), even after weight loss remedies. In that case, liposuction may offer a solution.
Another problem is that the pubic area sags after childbirth, surgery or with age. In that case, surgical techniques (pubic lift) are combined with e.g. mini abdominoplasty or scar correction.

Labia augmentation

If a woman thinks that her labia majora have become too small or sagging (e.g. after a slimming diet), she can choose to have fuller labia by means of injections with own body fat or a long-lasting filler, for instance Bio-Alkamid or other fillers.

Labia correction: reduction – reshaping – labiaplasty – clitoral hood reduction

There are no standards for the size of the inner labia; each woman can decide that for herself. Some women find their inner labia too big or even disturbing when cycling, running, having sexual intercourse or other activities. In these cases, there are different contemporary surgical possibilities to perform labia reduction. Other indications for surgery are congenital or acquired (traumatic) asymmetry, scar formation or skin disorder. If desired, the excess skin of the clitoral hood is also removed.

Vaginal tightening – rejuvenation – reshaping

During normal childbirth, the vagina and pelvic floor muscles are stretched and small nerve endings are put under pressure. Tissue does not fully recover to its original state, especially after a long or complicated childbirth. Usually the female body has enough reserves to cope with any possible damage. These reserves are, however, not infinite. With age and after childbirth, the tissue, the vaginal walls and the bladder may have dropped out of position. The consequences are: sense of gravity, unsatisfactory or painful sexual activity and urinary incontinence (loss of urine) when coughing, sneezing, laughing, walking or exercising. Anyone who does not benefit from pelvic floor exercises must therefore look for a surgical solution. Vaginal tightening (actually rejuvenation) by means of posterior or anterior wall plasty or perineoplasty with or without bladder lift are some of the possibilities.

Episiotomy scar correction

Most women have an episiotomy during their first (or following) delivery. The majority of these wounds heal quickly and leave minimal scars. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to all women. Sometimes it keeps bothering them during sexual intercourse, when going to the toilet or even when simply sitting down or cycling. A revision of the scar with or without perineoplasty is often the only solution.

Perineoplasty – perineal body repair

Some women have a short perineum – the distance between vagina and anus. The perineum is formed by the convergence of some pelvic floor muscles and creates a good tension of the vagina and proper functioning of the anal sphincter. By stretching in childbirth or with episiotomy, it looses its strength and good function with consequences such as a painful or unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, vaginal flatulence (winds and unwanted sounds e.g. when having sex) or even incontinence (insufficient control over defecation). A reconstruction of the perineum often gives a major improvement.

Vaginism treatment

Vaginism is usually a painful involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles during an attempt to have sexual intercourse, which becomes obviously very difficult or even impossible. The classic treatment by means of pelvic floor relaxation exercises, vaginal dilating and sex counseling does not always lead to improvement.
Botox is a long-term muscle relaxant used by, for instance, neurologists as a treatment for spastic disorders or by dermatologists as wrinkle therapy. In gynaecology, botox is a fairly new treatment option for vaginism. After a session of several injections with a fine needle, the muscles around the vagina relax usually long enough (normally 3 weeks to 6 months) to break the vicious circle of pain in an attempt to have sexual intercourse. Even if the relaxing effect disappears after a few weeks, the body can meanwhile learn new habits for normal sexual intercourse. In some cases, the treatment has to be repeated for lasting results.

Hymen repair surgery/hymenoplasty

The hymen is a ring-like skin membrane that protects the entrance of the vagina. Rupture of the hymen normally occurs during first intercourse, often with minimal blood loss as a result.
Like other organs, the hymen comes in many shapes.
In some young girls, the hymen is so tight that penetration (when the penis enters the vagina) fails even after several attempts. Therefore, the hymen has to be torn surgically.
In other cases, it is underdeveloped or not developed at all (1 out of 1000) or damaged by an accidental trauma or rape.
If desired, there are nowadays several possibilities to reconstruct the hymen.

Genital warts treatment

Genital warts (condylomas) is a viral, sexually transmitted, sometimes very unpleasant and certainly unaesthetical infection of the female genitals. Drug treatment usually offers a temporary solution. Only surgery gives definitive results. This can be done in day clinic by means of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Small genital surgery

Small, unaesthetical or irritating disorders (cysts, tumors, warts, moles, septa …) in female genitals can be removed in day clinic by means of the most currently used techniques (laser, minimally invasive surgery…).

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